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Purchasing Information for Retailers

Oco Geode Pendant

Seraphim Stones jewelry is available for retailers. When you sell Seraphim Stones jewelry, I offer the following:

  • Training about the energetic properties of my work, so that you're able to work directly with customers
  • Custom designs to your specifications - if you have a vision for what you want to sell, I can develop the unique designs you want
  • Product Match - if any of my pieces don't sell, I'll replace them with others so you can be sure that you have the kind of pieces your customers want
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - For any pieces you've had for 6 months or longer and remain unsold, you can sell them back to me. My artistry thrills customers both in its beauty and its energetic value, and I'm willing to guarantee it!

Whether you're an art boutique, an alternative healing store, or a gift shop, please call or email me to discuss how you could retail Seraphim Stones.


Blessings of Love and Light