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The Birth of Seraphim Stones... How it All Began

Each of my works is created from my own process. I sit with each crystal, in stillness and silence, and begin to work, without a preconceived idea. Here are the crystals I work with:

I learned very quickly, when I was first called to this creative process, that when I get a picture in my head of a finished piece, often the universe has other ideas, and if I don’t follow the guidance provided, I struggle and the stone will fight me; my ego has gotten in the way. 

I’ve learned to listen, and have been truly blessed over the past two years.

A brief crystal description, including materials used is included with each created piece.  Please reference the very excellent books:  

  • Love is in the Earth, by Melody; 
  • The Book of Stones, by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian; 
  • The Encyclopedia of Crystals, by Judy Hall. 

They have provided exceptional source materials, and all information I provide is based on a very brief summary from their work, as it is where I gain an understanding of each stone before I begin the co-creative process. 

I wish to acknowledge, recognize, and thank them for their work.

Moonstone Chain

Blessings of Love and Light