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About Susan Marie Sacks, Angel-Inspired Jewelry Designer

Two years ago this October, 2010, I was shopping in a bead store with my sister, and the owner noticed a necklace my sister was wearing, of silver links and beads.  She asked about it, and then spoke with me about a healer who had left a crystal to be wrapped.  I declined the work, simply out of fear, and the fact that I had avoided the signs given to me over a period of time to learn wire-wrapping.  Two days later I awoke with a picture in my head of the stone and an idea, and sent Cindy an email.  Her reply to me got lost in a pothole on the information highway, and when I didn’t respond, she called, and was convinced I was  meant to wrap this stone.

Two weeks later, I met Bernie at Moonrise Beads when I delivered the finished piece.  She was very kind, even though I had no clue what I had done; it was my first piece ever, and it was a mess.   When I noticed what she was wearing, a beautiful wrapped Herkimer, I pointed to it and declared that is what I wanted to learn and do. I set about learning, sitting through several hours of step-by-step instructions to create a piece like the picture in the book, and I never again looked at its pages.  I did not want to follow patterns or copy from anyone else.  My Mom, my family, and Bernie were instrumental in encouraging me to continue in this creative process initially.  I have been blessed to have met so very many special people on this path since then.

My path of spiritual growth has been challenging.  I’ve been led to engage in alternative healing modalities that, while difficult in the process, have resulted in stepping onto a path of personal empowerment, from co-dependence to independence, release of long-held fears, and the improvement of my health.  I thank Bernie, Paula, Bob, Patty and Emmanuel, Sheryl, Rashid and the Joy Retreat Lightworkers.  I have a very special place in my heart for my Reiki Master, Bonnie Hassan, who taught me well and is so very kind.  Last but certainly not least, my husband, my sisters, my brother and brother and sister-in-law, who are so very cool people;   I love them dearly …and My Mom, who told me she would be walking beside me even when I did not see her there.

Seraphim Stones was born on the turnpike in February 2010, returning from a Brian Weiss seminar in Philadelphia, with my sister Judy and my Reiki sister Nancy.  We were brainstorming names, since it seemed inevitable that I would be doing a website, even though I had been resisting the repeated suggestions of well-intentioned people.  I was fearful and clueless.  But we came up with a name that I knew instantly was ‘the one’.  I was asked if I wanted to select something simpler, that people might find with less misspellings when they Google or bing, and I have always maintained that the people who are meant to find these crystals, will.

After false starts and half-hearted attempts and some tears of frustration over some months, I was led by my Reiki friend Lisa to the Webmaster Extraordinaire, Cathy, to whom I express my deepest gratitude and appreciation.  That you are even reading these words or seeing these pages is a direct result of her patience and fortitude in dealing with me.

Blessings of Love and Light